Website FAQ

We offer complete website packages to give your company its digital Storefront. We’re here to ensure your website is visually appealing, easily navigated, and geared towards what the visitor wants and needs from your company. Created and built from the ground up with Search Engine Optimization in mind to compliment your Social Media Integrations.

A maintenance plan is not included but in an exclusive offer to Website Package owners, is our ‘SECURE-2-WordPress Protection Plan at 50% reduced price for 24 months and NO Setup Fee for over $900.00 OFF!

Yes. Signing up for one of our Website Packages on a 24 Month Subscription plan is in effect a contract between You and illusion six for us to work together to create, manage and maintain a website for your company. After 24 months you are the outright owner of the website. You are then responsible for the website Hosting, Security, Maintenance, and Domain name renewal. You may retain us to assist you with this.

Mobile-friendly Design  is static content with simplified navigation and images that display smaller, that will be viewable on a smaller screens. Responsive Design is dynamic content with condensed navigation and optimized images that have been specifically programmed to change size automatically to fit all screens.

Yes. Sign Up for a Website Package for as many websites as you want. Each ‘Sign Up’ is dedicated to one website.

WE do the work. By WE, I mean the team. Normally, Don or Johnny will be your Account Manager and any one of the team, Don, Johnny, Pierre or Terry, may be assigned to perform the work for your website.

Our discretion is assured. Absolutely no information, private or otherwise is shared with any third party. And unless relevant to the direct performance of our work for you, not even shared internally. Non-Disclosure (NDA) Agreements are available upon request.

Yes, we manage and maintain websites of all kinds. We specialize in WordPress websites and would be pleased to discuss what you have in mind. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions whenever you like.

Enough time to update or add pages, banners, edit colors and fonts. You’ll receive an invoice detailing work performed and any remaining unused time that is banked into your account.

You may prefer to purchase 5 or more hours and have the banked time at a lower rate.

As a current client of a Website Package Subscription, if and when you order added ‘hourly support’ we’ll add 15% more time to every hour purchased. Additionally, any ‘remaining’ time will be banked into your account for any future ‘hourly support’ needs.

You may prefer to purchase 5 or more hours and have the banked time at a lower rate.

Regretfully, even the most protected websites, can be hacked. Our aim is to make it very difficult. Forcing strong password use, having your website protected, and ‘UP-TO-DATE’ is your best protection. Especially ensuring your website isn’t simply brought down by an automated script running wild across the internet.

Yes. The 24 months of subscription payment will be lowered by $1.00